Here is what Amanda, a dBud users parent has to say about her daughter’s experience with our ear plugs: 

“So my daughter had a handful of health problems drop in our laps out of thin air it seems. One of them being an extreme sensitivity to sound. When I say extreme, I mean she could hear a pin drop in another room. The turn signals in the car were incredibly loud to her. The microwave was not something she could handle hearing. The dog barking was out of the question and the tv volume had to be on 1. She could hear it perfectly while the rest of us saw lips move. 

I researched like crazy online to find anything that could give her relief. We tried regular foam ear plugs….they muffled the sounds and actually made sounds louder to her. We tried specially made and fitted ear plugs but they embarrassed her. ( A teenage girl) I saw dBuds online and couldn’t believe these were on the market. I ordered them and OMG! 

They have made all the difference. They are amazing and worth every cent. She takes them everywhere and between the two-decibel levels she has been able to be a part of everything again and not stress about the noise. They look like Bluetooth earbuds in a teenager’s ear… she is listening to music. No one knows the function it has unless she tells them. Absolutely incredible and a must-have for us. I just wish more parents knew these existed.”

Designed to soothe your sensitivity to sound and improve your life. dBud allows children and also adults with sensitivity to noise to lower the volume of their surrounding environment to a level of comfort, while still having the ability to hear everything clearly around them

People with noise sensitivity usually have difficulties concentrating and encounter a great deal of discomfort. How to deal with this? There is no one answer, but dBuds are a handy tool to have! They have shown to help a wide array of individuals with noise sensitivity issues, where there is no one proven method. Studies and feedback from our customers demonstrate the effectiveness of dBud in helping people with ASD to cope with problem behaviors related to hyper-reactivity to auditory stimuli. 

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