Memory foam eartips

Memory foam eartips


One pair of dBud memory foam eartips

Free shipping when ordering 3 pairs of eartips or more.



Please take some extra care when you remove the eartips from the plug.

dBud eartips are long-lasting if you follow the care instructions. Please take extra care when removing them from the plug.

There are three small circles on the neck of the plug that securely position the eartips and the leash. Therefore, do not pull the eartips straight off the plug, because then they risk breaking.

Grip the eartip with three fingers. Slowly pull and TWIST the eartip off the plug.

This applies to both the silicone tips and the foam tips, but it is even more important for the foam tips, because of the little inner tube that can release from the foam if pulled too hard, and without the twisting movement.

Always keep your dBuds in the little carrying case (and not loose in your bag or your pockets) –  to protect the eartips from unnecessary friction and damage.