dBud Affiliate Program

Terms of Service


  • You can invite friends even if you are not a dBud customer. 
  • You can keep track of your earnings by logging in to the Affiliates portal. When your friend makes their purchase you’ll receive a notification in your inbox.
  • Rewards are paid out to your PayPal 30 days after your friend made their purchase. Valid for single sets, 2packs and 5packs purchased on www.earlabs.co/dbud.
  • To trigger a payment, you need to send an invoice to us in PayPal.
  • Of course, this doesn’t cost you anything. You don’t send 10$ of your own money to your friends, it’s a 10$ webshop voucher from us.
  • Rewards are not given for returned items or refunded orders. 
  • Any more questions? We’re here to help: hello@earlabs.co