Christian Stadil

Christian Stadil is the owner and CEO of the conglomerate Thornico; 120 companies. He is also the co-founder of and lead investor in a number of especially tech-based upstart companies such as e.g., the worlds biggest Tattoo platform.. Moreover he sits on a variety of external boards and think tanks, for example Big Future 2025. He works also as Adjunct Professor at Copenhagen Business School.

Jesper Buch

Jesper Buch founded one of the worlds biggest eCommerce success’s – Jesper Buch was awarded the “Pioneer Award 2014” for his work with internetcompanies in Denmark. In 2015 Jesper Buch was rated no. 27 on WIRED´s top 100 list of most influential tech people in our world.

Tommy Ahlers

Tommy Ahlers built and was CEO of ZYB and Podio that were sold to Vodafone and Citrix. Has been working in various management positions at McKinsey, Vodafone and Citrix. Tommy is currently investing in ambitious start-ups and helps them succeed.